How to Farming 1M Each in 30 Minutes Post Update


Hey Guys, Hope you are doing excellent!

After the last update, getting loot is the main concern among us. We have seen a lot of discussion out there regarding this issue. Someone is leaving this game and someone is trying to adapt with this update.

However, today I am going the share an easiest way to farming 1M each in 30 minutes. This method is known as a “Milking” which is created by nerf713. So, we can give him a big hand for his nice strategy guide.

Farming 1M Each in 30 Minutes

Farming 1M Each in 30 Minutes

Trophy Range: You can keep your trophy range between 700 to 1000. I am suggesting not to go below 700 Trophies as there you will find TH7 and TH8 empty bases most of the time. However, Silver III is the best place for all TH levels. If you are playing such a clan where the trophy is the main concern, you might face difficulties.

Army Composition: Fill all your Barracks with Goblins which may take highest 28 minutes. However, you can still run the strategy with just 50 or 60 Goblins, which is only take 6-7 minutes to train. If you want to take Dark Elixir troops, then Minions can be the best choice for its low price. Normally we don’t need any spell, but if you want, you can use poison spell to remove Clan Castle Troops and Jump spell to reach nearest Storage.

Army CompositionIdentifying the Collectors/Mines: I know, all higher level players have an idea how to identify a half full collectors/mines, but many of us don’t have any clear idea about it. So here I am sharing some snapshots of those half full mines which can give you a better idea.Identifying the Collectors and MinesBase Selection: Basically, we will target of those bases where collectors/mines are almost full. Additionally, you may also select the half full mines and inactive bases with 200/300K resource each. In this strategy, you just need 1/5 next to find a suitable base for Milking. Here we will not think about how much loot the base has, we only count how much profit we can return from each raid. For examples, if you find a base where has 60K loot each, then the math will be- 60000-60*150= 51K. That means you can earn 51K loot with just using 60 Goblins, that need 7 minutes to train.

Attacking the Base: Just send 4/5 Goblins for each collector and mines which will be easily taken down by them. After destroying all the mines/collectors, you have to look into the other storages that can be easily reached by Archer Queen, but you should not wait too long otherwise Archer Queen might get shot by defensive buildings. If necessary, use Royal Cloak ability in this case.

To Do’s

  • Snipe the storages with maximum loot that can be easily reached by Archer Queen.
  • If you found an exposed TH, don’t forget to snipe it.
  • You can boost your Barracks for faster training
  • Deploy Grand Warden with a group of Goblins

I hope, this guide would help you to farming 1M each in 30 minutes for your village. However, if you have any suggestion/questions that you want to share, then don’t forget to leave a comment below.