GoWiWi Attack Strategy


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There are lots of attack strategy out there and GoWiWi attack strategy is one of them for higher level players specially for TH10 and TH11. All we know that, a lot of changes has made in the attack strategy after the TH11 update. Now, we have to fight against Eagle Artillery at Town Hall 11, which is the biggest challenge for anyone.

In this guide, I am going to share everything about GoWiWi attack strategy for all level players. If you follow this strategy correctly, 2 stars can easily be achieved even sometimes 3 stars.

GoWiWi Attack StrategyGoWiWi Attack Strategy

GoWiWi is one of the popular attack strategy now-a-days which is widely used by top level players. The GoWiWi strategy mainly consists of Golem, Wizard and Witches.

Army Composition

In this strategy, you need use 3 Golems, 11 Wizards and 11 Witches. If your army camp housing space is less than 240, you can reduce some troops from Wizards or Witches to match with your current housing space. However, one thing you must remember that the Witch is a main troop in this strategy so take as much Witches as possible. Here is a quick preview:

  • 3x Golem (Including CC)
  • 11x Witches
  • 11x Wizards
  • King & Queen
Selecting a Perfect Base to Attack

Selecting a perfect base will be a big challenge for this strategy. In this GoWiWi strategy, you have to select an open or spread out base where the Golems and Witches can travel freely. Square base will be perfect for GoWiWi strategy. Here is an example:

GoWiWi Attack StrategySpells

Spell selection is one of the important part of this strategy. In this war raid, the attacker has taken 4x Earthquake (Including CC) spell to deal with center walls. You need to take 2x jump spells which will help the skeletons to run freely into the core base. The spell details are given below.


  • 4x Earthquake Spell (Including CC)
  • 2x Jump Spell
  • 1x Freeze Spell
  • 1x Rage Spell
Attack Strategy with GoWiWi

First drop the earthquake spells on the inner wall to create path so that your army can easily target the inferno/other important building. Now use the jump spell to help out your Golems and Witches to run freely into the core base.

GoWiWi Attack Strategy 1Now deploy your Witches and Wizards in a line like the image below. After that deploy Heroes and use your all spells where required.

GoWiWi Attack Strategy 2GoWiWi Attack Strategy 4If you have anything else that could add more value in this guide, then don’t hesitate to share with us in the comments below.