Grand Warden Guide


The Grand Warden is the third Hero in Clash of Clans. Like other two heroes, he can be used either defensive or offensive strategy. But the way he dealt with the enemy not similar to other two heroes. However, in this post i will go into the deep analysis about the Grand Warden. He has a unique ability, which is not present in the Barbarian King and Archer Queen.

Today i am going to show the depth guide about Grand Warden. So let’s go into the deep.

Grand Warden 1Grand Warden Guide

We have not enough information about the new Hero yet, but nevertheless i will try to point out the best defensive and offensive strategy of this new Hero. So let’s start the guide.

Grand WardenDefensive Strategy
  • The new Hero can be set either ground or air which means he can able to support Air and Ground troops.
  • If any attackers place a troops on any spot of the layout, he turns into a statue like a any others defense.
  • He targets a single troop at a time.
  • The Clan Castle should be placed near to the Grand Warden as because of its life Aura which can minimize the Clan Castle Troops damage by 33%.
  • The defensive targeting troops like Golem, Hog Rider, Balloons and Giants will treat the Grand Warden as a defensive building.
  • It will be a good idea to place the Barbarian King and Queen as near as possible to his 10 tile radius ring to get maximum support from Grand Warder.
  • The Grand Warder not only defending like other two Heroes also minimize the damage percentage of Clan Castle Troops, Barbarian King, Queen and Skeletons.

Offensive Strategy

Grand Warden in Action
Grand Warden in Action with Eternal tome ability
  • The Grand Warden can jump over the Walls like Hog Rider.
  • You can use him in battle field with flying units or Ground units as he can be set to Ground or Air.
  • He can heal the friendly units and minimize the damage percentage during War raid or loot.
  • He has a passive and active abilities – the passive ability Life Aura increases the hit point of every troops in the abilities radius the troops does leave the Aura that buff is lost.
  • If you activate the Eternal tome ability of Grand Warden, every single troop within that same radius is immune damage and can be healed even have been targeted by inferno towers.

Hope this guide have a lot of information about Grand Warden. If you like this post, then don’t hesitate to leave a comment at below.