Golem in Clash of Clans


The Golem is the most expensive troop in Clash of Clans. It has a huge amount of HP in compare to other army. If it is destroyed, it explodes and split in two which called Golemites, a small version of Golem. A 5 level Golemites has 1,260 HP.

In this guide, i am going to describe about Golem.

Golem in Clash of ClansGolem Summary

  • You can unlock the Golem at level 4 Dark Barracks.
  • Golem targets the defensive building as long as it is destroyed. If there is no defensive building remain on the battlefield, he targets the nearest buildings. Golems don’t target the Clan Castle unless it contains enemy troops.
  • Golem/Golemites do a splash damage to the nearest building, when it is destroyed like a Balloon and Lava Hunt.
  • A level 5 Golem needs 750 Dark elixir to be train.
  • Golems don’t target any other defensive army like Clan Castle troops, Skeletons, Barbarian King and Archer Queen even they are under attack by them.

GolemAttack Strategy

There are plenty of attack strategy that you can make with Golems, but today i will share the most common facts about Golem which you may consider before taking them in the battlefield.

  • It will be a good strategy to place Golems and wait until all defense buildings are targeting on them and then release other troops.
  • Since they has very low DPS, you may deploy the high DPS troops like Wizard and Witches to back up the Golems.
  • Spring traps doesn’t work on Golems, but Golemites are affected.
  • You should destroy the single target Inferno Towers first that can easily wipe out your Golems. However, if the Inferno Towers set as a multiple target mode, no need to worry about it. You can also use Freeze spell to deal with Inferno Towers.

Defense Strategy

  • Most of us are not willing to use Golem in Clan Castle Troops because it needs huge housing space. On
  • Golem is high health units like Lava and Giant that can be used as a fire meat shield.
Preferred Target Attack Type Training Time
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
Rang Death Damage Radius
Defenses Ground Only 15m 12 2.4s 1 tile 1.2 tiles
Level DPS
Hitpoints Training Cost
Research Cost
Lab. Req
Research Time
1 38 91.2 4,500 450 0 0 0
2 42 100.8 5,000 525 60,000 6 10 days
3 46 110.4 5,500 600 70,000 7 12 days
4 50 120 6,000 675 80,000 7 14 days
5 54 129.6 6,300 750 90,000 8 14 days

Hope this guide has enough information that you can use in the battlefield. If you want to any other issue, don’t hesitate to share with us.