Town Hall 9 War Base – Anit-3-Star


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Today I am going to share one of the best town hall 9 war Base – Anit-3-Star, which will be the great collection for town hall 9 players. There are a lot of mechanics has been implemented in this layout, which makes it difficult for attacker to get 3 star from this base. This base is created and designed by AkiYouMe.

So check the town hall 9 war base out and let’s see which mechanics could meet your requirements.

town hall 9 war baseTown Hall 9 War Base

CC Radius
town hall 9 war base cc radiusThe KillZone

The enemy troops will be killed immediately after entering into this Kill Zone. This compartment has plenty of defensive buildings to protect enemy attack. Here we will go through each mechanics that are implemented.

the kill zone

  • Teslas: The KillZone contains all the Tesla, which has the highest damage per second and can be devastating for enemy troops.
  • Heroes: Both Heroes are placed in the KillZone to make this compartment more secure than the other side of this base.
  • Skeletons Traps: Skeletons traps has been placed in this KillZone to help out Heroes.
  • Bombs: All small bombs are located inside this compartment to protect comparatively weak troops like Archer, Barbarians, that are spawned from Heroes.
  • High Hitpoints Buildings: The high hitpoints buildings like gold storage, dark storage are placed inside the Kill Zone to protect the base from high hitpoints troops like Wizard.

The GoHo/GoLavaLoon attacker likely to deploy their Kill Squad from KillZone, but in most cases, they die without luring the cc troops and reaching to the Air defense.

How does the TH9 war base works?

Here I will describe how this TH9 war base base works against the most popular attacks in Clash of Clans.

GoHo Attack – Well placed traps and double giant bomb can be deadly for a group of hogs. Beside this, Kill Zone is ready to prevent GoHo attack. You can see the defense logs against GoHo attack as below.

Mass Valk – The defensive buildings are placed in the different compartment that can easily shoot the Valkyries from other compartments. And the buildings are placed with 1tile gap between each other to make the Valkyries splash damage useless. On the other hand, Kill Zone has plenty of defensive buildings to defeat the mass Valk attack.

GoLavaLoon – Wizard towers are located out of the range of Air defense, which will make a splash damage on balloons.

War Logs

Let’s see how the town hall 9 war base works against the most popular attack strategy.

Hope this base would be great to use as your primary war base. If you find this guide useful don’t hesitate to share it on Facebook and Google+.