Mousetrap – Town Hall 8 War Base


Hey guys,

Today I am going to show a cool th8 war base. Every base has some drawbacks/strength of their own, similarly this base has some too. However, any expert Clash of Clans players has the ability to get 3 star from any th8 war base by mass dragon/GoWiPe attack. Thanks to CherryBomb113 for creating this nice base.

You can get more th8 war base here. Check it out, maybe you can find your desired one.

th8 war baseTh8 War Base: Strengths

Here i have listed some strengths of this base, which you can take into account before going to use.

  • The Air defenses are surrounded by high hitpoints buildings like storages. On the other hand, tanking buildings are placed within the air defense range. So mass dragons attack will not be able to reach Air defense easily. Builder huts are placed in the four corners to kill attacker time as much as possible.
  • There is plenty of blank space exist in this layout to distract hogs attacker. So, enemy cannot predict the Giant Bomb position. And the other traps are placed in the strategic points. The DGB keeps beside the Town hall to prevent it from being exploded by Golem attacks.
  • Defensive building like cannon are placed in the outer side of this base, which will give more control over the opponents defense targeting troops like Hogs, Giants, Golems and so on.
  • Clan castle troops cannot be easily lured out by the enemy’s army as it placed in the middle of the base.

Note: If you are an early to mid th8 player, I would not recommend this base. Because there is a huge gap between early to late defense. However, any mastering player of TH8 is capable to get 3 star from any town hall 8 base.

Defensive Logs

Here are some defense logs for this base.


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