Best Town Hall 8 War Bases


Hey guys,

I am back again with some cool Town Hall 8 War bases. Here all the bases are designed and maintained by POPPININ. I believe you will find so many nice base here in this list that will definitely add more weight in your Clan Wars.

Here, I have shortlisted the best town hall 8 war bases from those list which has plenty of successful defense logs. So let’s take a look at the Town Hall 8 base.

TH8 War Bases


Key Features:
  • Well planned Giant bomb to kill Hogs
  • Centered Air defense to prevent Air attacks
  • CC covered all most entire the base.
  • Storage placed in the strategic point to save the core compartment.

Key Features:
  • Reworked on Anti-Dragon mechanics
  • Improved the Giant bomb placement
  • Well placed traps in the core compartment

Key Features:

  • This is the final version of this base
  • Hogs pathing has been reworked
  • Made the GoWiPe compartment stronger than previous version which will make it difficult for GoWiPe to come into the core base easily.
  • Prevents Valkyries to go into the core base.
BOUNDLESS- Trophy Base

Key Features:
  • Defensive buildings surrounded by high hitpoints storage specially Air defense.
  • Southern side protected by spring traps, giant bombs and mines.
  • Centered Air defense can easily defend your village from mass Air attacks.
BOUNDLESS- Version-2

Key Features:
  • Centered clan castle
  • Well positioning spring traps

Key Features:
  • Unlurable CC
  • Traps placed in every compartment.
  • Double Giant bombs to protect mass Hogs attack.
  • Defensive buildings is protected by high hitpoints building.
Defense Logs:

All the war base is tested and used by many of us. So, you can use the Town Hall 8 war base to test it out to see how the war base works and share the war logs in the comments below. However, if you find this article useful, then don’t hesitate to share it on Twitter or Google+.