Arcanum – Best Farming Base for Town Hall 9


Hey guys,

Today I am going to publish my first farming base layout for Town Hall 9 on CoCGeek. People are always looking for a best farming base for TH9. So, I have decided to share this farming base for Town Hall 9 that you can keep in your collection and check it out later for your own.

Here is the Arcanum farming base layout that has created by Matty. So, we can give a big thanks to Matty for his beautiful Semi-Labyrinth base layout.

New Design with Inside Town Hall

To keep the Town Hall inside, just build the previous base and add extra 2 tile space in the layout, which will not make the big difference.

Best Farming Base 1Previous Base Design:

Best Farming BaseArcanum Features

  • Balanced resource protection with a special focus on Dark Elixir Storage.
  • A continuous ring will divert all defense targeting troops like Hog Riders and Giants to a different route instead of go into the core where all of your resources are placed.
  • Jump spell will not work in this case
  • The trap can be placed anywhere in this layout, which cannot easily predict by attackers.
  • Clan Castle troops cannot easily lure by attackers as it is placed in the middle of the core base. You can also change the CC location by swapping the DE Storage with CC.
  • This is Anti-Hog base
  • 90% Anti-AQ base.
  • This is Anti-Earthquake base layout. So a group of EQ is unable to create a funnel into the core base.
  • Air Bombs don’t protect or out of the range of the Air Defenses to do more damage on Balloons/Minions instead of Lava.
  • Balanced X-Bow coverage.

Defensive Strategy of Arcanum

In the image below, the white lines denotes the paths which can easily split a group of Giants/Hog Riders into the wrong direction. If you send a group of Giants/Hog Riders by aiming a particular defense, they will be divided into the small units that can be easily taken down by defense or traps.

Arcanum Best Farming Base 1The snapshot below clearly shows that how many places are available in this layout where you can use Spring Traps, which is not easily to predict by attackers.

Arcanum Best Farming Base 2Defense Logs

Here are the defense logs of this base. If I get any defense logs of this base in the future, I will update this post again.

Arcanum Best Farming Base 3If you have any questions/ideas that you want to share, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment below.