Anti 3 Star War Layout for Town Hall 9


Hey guys,

You know that, Clan war is one of the main part of Clash of Clans. And, obviously you will find so many players out there, who loves to play this game only for war. No one is willing to lose any war. To win a Clan war, you cannot just rely on the attack at the same time you also need some good defend logs, which is not possible without a strong base.

Keeping all the possibility in mind, today I am going to show you anti 3 star war layout for Town Hall 9. This base is designed by PrinceBlank. So, we can give him a big thanks for his nice base.

Anti 3 Star War Layout

CC Radius
Attacker View

The Mechanics

The mechanics is one of the important part of a base design. So, before going to make any base layout, the first thing we should remember that how smartly the mechanics has been implemented. Here are some mechanics that has been used in this layout.

Double Giant Bombs

We all know that, only double giant bombs can stop hogs and GoHo attack is one of the favorite war attack now-a-days. So, here I have placed the double giant bombs in between two defense and surround the defense with non defensive buildings that cannot be easily triggered by attackers.

Archer Queen

The Archer Queen has placed in the corner of this base so that the attackers cannot deploy kill squad to reach Archer Queen which allow the attacker to take out at least one double giant bombs that you set. A new strategy has come out where attackers are using two Dragons to create funnel and kill the Archer Queen, but in this base HP storages, archer tower and Air defense has placed in the Archer Queen compartment to deal with Dragons.

Spring Traps

In this base, Spring Traps has been placed in different areas so that Kill Squad and Golems cannot be easily triggered the spring traps simultaneously, but it should not place near the double giant bombs. So, if the attacker will deploy their hogs anywhere in the map, they will wipe out easily by spring traps.

Air Defense

If you going to build any layout, you should consider the following points which has been implemented in this base design-

  • The air defense has covered almost whole of the base.
  • Placed double Air Mines to deal with lava and other killing squad.
  • The Air defense has been placed in the middle of the base which is not easily take down by kill squad.
Others Mechanics
  • Town Hall has placed in the corner of the base and try to keep less building around Town Hall to decrease the destruction percentage.
  • The centralized CC will prevent attackers to lure out Clan Castle troops easily.

Thank you guys for reading, if you have any questions/suggestions about this anti 3 star war layout, don’t hesitate to share your feedback at below.